Writing Courses for Adults in Perth and Kinross

If you’re an adult who’s penned their first novel or if you’re starting a new job that involves a significant amount of writing (emails, reports, etc.) and you’d like to refresh your English skills, sign up for an English proofreading, grammar or writing course for adults.


If you’re keen to improve the quality of your writing, a good grasp of grammar is a great way to start. This informal refresher course covers many of the grammar basics – including punctuation and parts of speech – and will help you to feel more confident when you’re writing and speaking.



This proofreading course is ideal for anyone who writes – whether for work or pleasure. If you’re preparing a draft of (what you hope will be) the next blockbuster, don’t put potential publishers off by submitting an error-ridden draft. Or, if you’re conscious that your new job is likely to involve a significant amount of writing, improving your proofreading skills will help ensure your prose makes the right first impression on colleagues and clients.

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