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Exam revision playlist – make revision marginally more bearable!

If you’re studying for National 5, Higher or Advanced Higher exams at the moment, hope they’ve gone well thus far and that your revision schedule for the remaining ones is going to plan, too!

You may remember that we posted a 25-minute exam revision playlist a week or so ago. However, some of you may prefer to revise in longer bursts than 25 minutes, and if so then our new hour-long revision playlist is for you! As per the last time, there are no lyrics (it’s end-to-end fantastic film music!), as it’s scientifically proven that songs distract the brain. Here’s the link:

Another way to optimise your concentration is to remember to keep a topped-up water bottle right beside you whenever you’re revising, and ensure your chair and desk are positioned in such a way (i.e. at the right height) that you don’t crick your neck or get a sore back when studying for extended periods.

If your shoulders are feeling a bit stiff and sore after prolonged bouts of revision, you might also like to try the free relaxation yoga video that we posted recently on our YouTube channel.

Hope you enjoy the great new playlist and the wonderfully relaxing 10-minute yoga session!

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