Verity Thwaites – TLC Associate English Tutor

A former pupil of Kinross Primary School and Dollar Academy, Verity trained first as a journalist and then a lawyer, before working for eleven years as a criminal defence lawyer down south. She returned north in 2018 to live in Kinross with her husband, Rob, and their three children, and joined The Learning Cauldron in 2019.


Verity has a passion for English language, literature and learning, and her approach to tutoring embraces The Learning Cauldron’s holistic approach to working with young people.


She also supports another of The Learning Cauldron’s key beliefs, namely the importance of exercise as part of a healthy lifestyle. In addition to being a keen skier, Verity is an active member and coach at Kinross Road Runners; she loves Parkrun and thinks everyone should do it!


Verity is also on Kinross Primary School’s Arts and Culture Committee, and she follows developments in both primary and secondary education with a keen interest.


She can be contacted by email on

Verity Thwaites - TLC Associate English Tutor
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